How you can Win a Bass Guitar or Guitar at I Want In.

How you can Win a Bass Guitar or Guitar at I Want In.

Since its launch, I Want In has given away over £120,000 worth of gear - that includes Guitars and Bass Guitar prize draws (Plus, a few pedals snuck in here and there for good measure!). We've racked up 100's of 5-Star Trustpilot reviews and host live draw streams on Facebook every Monday and Thursday.

But, maybe you're new here? Perhaps you're thinking "How can I win a Bass Guitar?" or "How can I win myself that absolutely beautiful Fender Strat?", if that is you, fear not - we're here to answer all your questions.

"So, what is I Want In?"

I Want In a Guitar and Bass Guitar prize draw site, where users can win bass guitars and guitars. We've had a whole range of prize draws, everything from Fender to PRS, all the way through to Warwick and Rickenbacker. As you can imagine, £120,000 worth of gear in prizes equals A LOT of happy winners, you can check them all out posing with their prizes over on our winners page.

"Have I seen you guys before?"

Maybe, as well as spotting an ad or two online for us, you might have seen us in Bass Player Magazine or Guitarist Magazine.

"How can I win a bass guitar or guitar?"

All our draws have a set amount of tickets and an end date. Once that draw closes, we draw the winner live on Facebook. We've never extended a draw and we've never cancelled a draw if it hasn't sold out. So it's simple, visit the page for the guitar or bass guitar prize draw you fancy, purchase a ticket and then tune in to the live draw to see if you're the lucky winner.

“How do you choose the prizes for your guitar and bass guitar prize draws?”

It’s no easy task, but all I will say is you’ll be excited by everything we choose for our draws. If it’s not good enough for us to play, it won’t make it into one of our guitar or bass guitar prize draws. We choose gear that we would love to own! It’s also great to get ideas from our members over on our Facebook page.

"If you could Win a Bass, what would it be?"

Easy, a Gibson Ripper in Black.

So if you want the chance to win a bass guitar or guitar, then head over to the homepage to check out all our current live draws and grab yourself a ticket.

Good luck!