What is 'I Want In'? 🤔

In short, I Want In is your new favourite competition site!

With each of our draws we like to follow what we call the 3 L’s, “Legit. Lavish. Live”.

So anytime you enter a draw on I Want In you will know it’s legitimate. Yes, we really do give away these awesome prizes to randomly selected winners. And yes, the products are real, genuine items with proof of purchase. You can trust us to provide you with top notch goods, not knock off goods!

We try to bring you the most lavish, luxurious prizes that money can buy. We’ll be giving away designer handbags, watches, gadgets, holidays, cars… you name it it’ll be on the list! If there’s something you really think we should be giving away, then feel free to get in contact with us with your suggestions and we’ll happily put them forward to our buying team.

Most importantly all of our draws are streamed on Facebook Live for you to watch. We’re not just going to send you an email to let you know that "Karen" has won the handbag bundle that you were so desperate to win. All entrants will be contacted prior to the draw, so you will know the exact draw date and time, so you can tune in on Facebook Live to see if your ticket numbers have been called out.

Good luck and happy winning!