About Us

We’re just a little team of guys & girls that like really, really nice things.

Bringing you the hottest trends from a range of luxury products including designer bags, tech, fashion, jewellery & more, if you’re talking about it, we’ve got it, first. Not forgetting those iconic items that are coveted all over- the kind you’ve always dreamed of owning.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to own a little slice of luxury, especially you. We wanted to make this easier, more affordable and with even more chances to become a genuine winner. Want in? 

All our draws feature high value, authentic luxury items, with proof of purchase and a guaranteed winner for each, simply just buy a ticket to enter. Oh and did we mention most tickets are cheaper than your average pint or iced coffee?

Our Prize draws are also conducted using a random prize generator, by independent third-party Randomness and Integrity Services Ltd – yes that really is their name, randomness is their game. 

You obviously have exquisite taste, after all, you’ve found us and now you’re just a ticket away from winning.

Who said ‘I want never gets’

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