BOSS DD-8 Digital Delay

BOSS DD-8 Digital Delay


Winner: Dave Rich

Draw Date: 29/03/21

BOSS compact delay pedals have been the go-to digital delay on guitar boards across the world since they first arrived in the form of the DD-2 back in 1983. The BOSS DD-8 offers so many modes you'll be lost in a trail of delays for days on end.

Here's what BOSS have to say:

Introducing the DD-8, the most wide-ranging and feature-rich BOSS compact series delay ever. This loaded pedal delivers more of everything—more great sounds, more delay time, more control options, and more connectivity. And it does it all in a standard BOSS pedal that slides easily into any mono or stereo setup. Eleven modes provide delay colors from basic to exotic, plus a looper with unlimited overdub capability and external control support. For maximum versatility in a minimum amount of space, there’s no better delay stomp than the DD-8.

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This pedal was purchased brand new.

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