Gtech eSport Hybrid Electric Bike

Gtech eSport Hybrid Electric Bike


Winner: Alan Churcher

Ticket Number: 73986-20436

Draw date: 02/11/20

"cause the power you're's electrifying!"

Take to the road in style with the new Gtech eSport bike! It's perfect for your commute or for outdoor adventures!

With a 20” crossbar frame, this electric bike is designed to help you enjoy the journey. Its sporty frame is coupled with a saddle designed for a more dynamic seated position, perfect for outdoor adventures. The electric-assist uses a battery to power the motor, so you can continue to pedal normally while moving more quickly and easily over a variety of terrains. With 2 modes to choose from, you’re in complete control.

The battery itself is lightweight, coming in at just 1.4kg, so you won’t even notice it on the bike while you ride, and can easily carry a spare with you for a long journey. Fully-charged in just 3 hours, this battery is charged off the bike - under your desk, at home, or on a longer trip.

Weighs only 16kg

Fully charged in 3 hours

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Draw Reference: 73986